Hot Forging

The reliability and integrity of forged products are recognised by the many safety critical and demanding engineering applications for which they are specified. Forgings are characterised by high strength and toughness, refined grain structure with consistent and predictable properties.
The CBM Forging Sector represents over fifty companies in the UK, who have the capability to manufacture forgings weighing a few grammes to several tonnes, in a wide range of shapes and materials, both ferrous and non-ferrous. The range of skills extends from open-die and closed-die forging, through metallurgical heat treatment, to the production of fully machined components, ready for assembly. Product quality and customer service are of the highest standards.
The Forging Sector is supported by an enthusiastic group of Associate Members who supply the industry with raw materials, consumables, services and specialist manufacturing equipment.
Sector meetings involving Full and Associate Members are held three times per year and cover topics including state of trade to specific, technical presentations.

Picture courtesy:
Cramlington Precision Forge