Climate Change Levy

The CBM Climate Change Agreement permits companies to pay a reduced Climate Change Levy once the processes involved have been registered and comply to the eligible processes covered by our agreement. A free energy survey by the Carbon Trust approved energy consultant will establish the eligibility of your processes, the CBM staff will then process the application and register your company.

The Climate Change Levy can be seen on the Energy bill as a discreet line and by joining our agreement we can discount the monthly payment by 80%. In return the company commits to energy reduction during the period of the agreement.

Eligible processes to join our agreement include pressing, stamping,bending, cold heading, forging and in the future we are hoping to extend the processes to include laser processing.

If you are involved in any of the above please contact the CBM on 0121 601 6350 for a free no commitment discussion. We should be pleased to hear from you.